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Finally, a brand whose products not only live up to their claims but surpass expectations, delivering exactly what's promised...

“Been trying CUM for better loads, and I have gotta say it’s been nice seeing a thicker squirt! ”

Brian Bonds

“Within 2-3 days of using CUM I instantly noticed a huge difference. They easily helped me double production. The capsules are flavourless and easily swallowed.”


"Been using these supplements for a few months now, and the change has been quite, "inspiring" "


“- How do you keep up filming so often? - Well now you know ;)”


“hard keeps me ready to go and up for more rounds. You can definitely feel the difference. Hard as a rock is an understatement.”


“I’m seeing a larger volume in my loads and more power when I ejaculate, which also turns the sensation way up! ”


“All The Supplements You Need To Perform Your Best Whatever Your Role May Be 😋”

“Been loving the HARD pills and the CUM ones! They really work ”


“Cum gummies are not only yummy, I’ve even received comments from my very grateful partners 😈 so yeah, I totally recommend them!


“When I tell you I’ve never shot more in my life 💦 these products are a life changer and you’ll thank me later”


“Life shouldn't feel too hard...but something else should...”


Why choose friend of dorothy?

🌱 Eco-Friendly Edge

We use refillable cans and tubs, reducing environmental footprint without compromising quality

🏭 Premium Manufacturing

Rely on us for top-notch supplements crafted with world-class manufacturing standards

🔍 Transparent Sourcing

Make informed choices with clear ingredient sourcing and its impact on your health

🌈 LGBTQ+ Empowerment

Owned and hiring from the LGBTQ+ community, fostering empowerment and unity

discreet packaging

discreet billing

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What makes Friend of Dorothy gay male supplements stand out?

At Friend of Dorothy, we're not just another supplement brand—we're your partner in enhancing your gay male sexual wellness journey. 🌈 Unlike other companies, we didn't start with a product and search for endorsements. We began with your needs in mind, collaborating with experts to create a supplement collection grounded in scientific evidence and tailored to enhance your sexual life. No shortcuts, no compromises. We're committed to providing products that work, and we want to hear about your experience and feedback! Connect with us and let's build a community together. 💬

Are Friend of Dorothy gay male supplements safe to use?

Absolutely! Our Friend of Dorothy gay supplements are generally safe when taken as directed. 🚀 However, before diving in, consult your healthcare professional, especially if you have underlying medical conditions or take medications. They can give personalized advice based on your health profile. No prescription needed, but your health matters!

How long does it take to see results from supplements?

Results vary, buddy! Depending on the supplement and your body, you might feel an instant boost or need some patience. Stick to the recommended dosage and let your body groove to the rhythm. 🕺

How can I save money with Friend of Dorothy supplements?

Save wisely with our subscriptions! 🌈✨ When you opt for our subscription plan, not only do you unlock a better price (usually 20% cheaper than buying standalone products), but you also enjoy the flexibility to cancel anytime. As nutritional supplements often require consistent use for optimal results, a subscription ensures you stay on track without breaking the bank. Invest in your well-being while keeping your budget in check! 💰🔒

Can I use these supplements if I have allergies or dietary restrictions?

Check the beat! Review the ingredient list and allergen info for each product. If you're unsure, hit up your healthcare pro or our customer support. We've got your back in finding the right supplement for your unique needs. 🌱

Why do you offer subscriptions?

Think of it as a nutritional playlist! Consistency is the tune, and subscriptions make it easy. Commit to your wellness journey, and if the first month doesn't hit the right notes, we've got a 30-day money-back guarantee. No strings attached! 🎶

Is Friend of Dorothy environmentally friendly?

Totally! 🌍 When we birthed Friend of Dorothy, sustainability was a must. Our products are 100% vegan/vegetarian, and we source ingredients sustainably. Our cans are refillable - check out CUM and HARD 2 months supply cans. We keep our packaging lightweight to reduce our distribution impact and work with local manufacturers in the UK and the USA for improved transport efficiency. Join us in making a positive impact! 🌿

Is the shipping material and packaging discreet?

Absolutely! To ensure privacy and discretion, our products are carefully packaged in nondescript, generic boxes, and discreetly delivered directly to your doorstep. We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality, both for your peace of mind and to safeguard your privacy from prying eyes, whether they be curious neighbors or unwanted attention. Rest assured, your satisfaction and confidentiality are our top priorities. 📦🤐

Local taxes

Please be advised that all prices listed do not include local taxes. Kindly note that local taxes may apply to your purchase and will need to be covered separately. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Should you have any questions regarding local taxes, please feel free to reach out to us.