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Introducing BOTTOM – the all-natural fiber supplement for effortless prep time!   🌿 Feel always ready with complete d...



Introducing BOTTOM – the all-natural fiber supplement for effortless prep time!


🌿 Feel always ready with complete digestive hygiene

⏰ Reduce the time spent on preparation

🎈 Bye bye bloat and wave hello to smooth skin

🚫 No more constipation, just regularity

⚡ Boost energy and stay fit



Our fiber capsules act like a sponge, constructing a soft and solid stool to effectively cleanse your digestive tract, and fights bloating

Get all the benefits of a fiber-rich diet: more energy, improved digestion, better weight maintenance, and enhanced immunity

Don't let the fast-paced world slow you down – enjoy a confident and comfortable lifestyle with BOTTOM. 


Powerful ingredients:

🌾Psyllium Husk for digestive function

🌰 Flaxseed Powder for regular and smooth stool

🌿 Aloe Vera Extract for a detoxifying cleanse and soothing inflammation


Recommended use:

Consume 3 capsules twice daily: once in the morning and again in the evening, accompanied by 14-18 oz of water.


Why Friend of Dorothy?

Friend of Dorothy TM is a recognised and trusted Vitamins & Supplements brand providing thousands of customers across the world high quality products. The supplements are tested, certified in the UK, and safeguarded by the highest manufacturing standards in the world. We have a dedicated team of pharmacologists, chemists and research scientists working to source the finest and most beneficial ingredients.


Get your daily dose of Bottom and stay always ready!


Product: Bottom

I wasn’t sure that Bottom supplement could help me with digestive cleanliness, but I gave it a try. I’m so glad I did - it works!

Daniel P
Product: Bottom

The ONLY supplement that has the right ingredients to actually help with my digestive issues and continuous problems I was having with my romantic partners.

Garry O
Product: Bottom

My partner and I have been using the product for couple of weeks. Has helped massively with no adverse effects, just benefits. I have ordered another 5 packs.

Thomas L
Product: Bottom

A friend was raving about "Bottom" and I decided to give it a try. It has now replaced another more expensive and less effective supplement that I used before to keep my system ready for some playtime.

Petro K
Product: Bottom

Before finding this miracle product I spent hours in the shower preparing. I can now be ready in less than 15 mins. Great value for the fun!

Alex K